Find the Right Heifer or Steer at Derrer Farms

Milan, Illinois

Do you want to add a steer to your farm? Are you searching for a heifer to show? Family-owned and operated, Derrer Farms is a show cattle company operated by Rod, Julie and Rylee Derrer. We’ve been raising show cattle for years and started out with just 10 head of cattle. Since then, we’ve grown our farm to include 400 head. Call us today for more information about our show and breed steers and heifers.

Committed To Selling Only the Best Cattle

We’re proud to offer the best quality breed and show cattle to Milan, IL residents. All of our cattle are well taken care of and free to roam our vast farm.

At Derrer Farms, you’ll find:

  • Past champion cattle
  • Recent champion cattle
  • Crossbred cattle
  • Club calves
  • Maine-Anjou cattle
  • Shorthorn cattle
  • Chianina cattle
  • Simmental cattle
  • Hereford cattle

We take proper care of all of our cattle to ensure you get healthy, top-quality steers and heifers.

Get in touch with our farmers right away about our breed and show cattle.

We’re dedicated to helping you with your operation by providing healthy steers and heifers. We hold a live sale in December and an online sale in January.
Whether you want a Chianina heifer or a Simmental steer, you’ll find quality cattle at Derrer Farms in Milan, IL.

Call 309-314-1492 for more information about our live and online sales.

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